Wednesday 20 September 2017

Airlines Suck

I returned home to Pennsylvania a few days ago, after visiting my father in Colorado.

I had absolutely no trouble with the Transportation Security Administration. And yet, you hear stories. I'm now thinking that those people are just "complainers," looking for something to complain about.

United Airlines, however, was another matter. I did not make a single connection, not one. And each time, I was asked why the plane was late. Why would United Airlines personnel be such idiots as to think that I would know the answer to that question?

Interestingly, my luggage did not miss a single connection. It arrived in Grand Junction "on time," while I had to spend the night in Denver. Moreover, the next morning -- a Friday -- United had four flights to Grand Junction.

All of them booked and twenty people on standby. I rented a car for the remainder of my journey; 285 miles.

On the return trip, I was informed by United personnel -- upon landing in Denver -- that I had an hour to make my connection. I knew they were lying. I ran through the terminal as best I could, with my Disability and cane, my hips and knee killing me. I arrived at the next gate just as they were boarding the plane. So much for the "hour" to make my connection.

The exact same thing happened again at Chicago's O'Hare. I ran across that terminal too.

That's enough for me, no more flying . . . thanks to the Airline, not TSA. Next year, I drive out there. Much more comfortable, relaxed and . . . I can stop to pee when I need to.

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