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OMG! Another Blog!

Hey, we can always use another blog, right? So, what's the purpose of this blog? Well, what's the purpose of any blog? It's a place to express my views and thoughts on “The Game.” To contribute my proverbial two cents to any subject that might interest me, written for anyone who might, in turn, be interested – few though they be.

I will also showcase select pieces of my writings here; specifically, whatever I am working on at the moment. There are links across the top of the page for placement of these stories. I also have a Web Page for archiving my stories, thanks to our good friend “Maldin.” He was interested in being a part of my creative processes given the fact that – for some strange reason – he actually likes my stories. So, my Web Page is hosted by “Maldin's Greyhawk” and there is where you will find a link to it. Of course, it can be directly accessed here:

And allow me to mention here that it is due to the kind efforts of my good friend, Rory -- a.k.a. "DarkHerald" -- that I even have a blog. Much is owed to this very kind individual, so please be sure to visit his blog, located at

Those who know me are aware that I've written several pieces for the web site Canonfire!, but the process of making it to the Front Page is simply too long, as there are so many others interested in showcasing their own work there; which is only right and proper, to be sure. However, if I were only one of, say, four or five contributing to Canonfire! then I would still only get, maybe, eight works on the Front Page each year. Well, I write more than that. Now understand me, I have no desire to “hog the lime-light” – as they say – still, like any other writer, I'm eager to get my work “out there” as quickly as possible and this blog – along with its associate Web Page – will help me accomplish that.

At present, only the first ten chapters of my story “That Infamous Key” can be found on the web page, but much more is on the way. I'm also still “playing” with the background and graphics, so some of that may change. And please feel free to comment on those stories here on my blog, I'd really like to know what you think I did “right” and what you think I got “wrong.” So join in the fun!

Though my favorite Game setting is without question the World of Greyhawk, I do write about – and thus talk about – other worlds. Most of my stories take place in a world of my own creation – and who doesn't have one of those – but some also occur in Pathfinder's World of Golarion. I've gamed in Golarion a few times and the character I write about is the one that I played – yes, another Wizard, from Osirion.

But I do have reservations about Golarion, because it is even more overt in its use of science; Numeria and The Shackles come readily to mind. I do not like such science in my game and it never appears in my stories. Each author is entitled to write what he pleases, to be sure, but I cannot help but feel that such authors are really engaged in an effort to remove Magic from their world and replace it with Science; the World of Krynn comes to mind.

Personally, I dislike that, but then, to each his own. I am a Sword & Sorcery guy, plain and simple. By all means, share your comments and thoughts with me and feel free to disagree. Healthy debate is the life blood of Communication and the means by which “The Game” grows and is enhanced

I am, sad to say, unfamiliar with OSR, Sword & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, et al., but am interested in learning. This learning process comes mostly from our friend “Google” and from visiting other blogs. So feel free to make comparisons to these systems as I comment, I'm looking forward to the “education.”

Looking forward to hearing from each and everyone of you.

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