Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Barrow Saga

Well, RPoL games move slowly and this one is no exception. Nothing much to report, I'm sad to say. The "Gang" rested up, renewed their spells and set off into the unknown again. They traveled through the now deserted domains of the dead Tomb Spider, past two empty rooms, to discover a third empty room, with four sarcophagi and a mysterious mirror.

Leery now, they decided to back up to the mirror and throw something over it. No biggie, the mirror was nothing but trouble and of no value -- to them. Experience awarded accordingly. Then, after having ascertained which way the "bad guys" went, the self-declared "leader" bullied the others into a side jaunt and checking out another unexplored different room . . . thus walking right into the arms of a Huecuva . . .

(We're playing 3.5, so I'm using the one from the Fiend Folio)

And a Plague Walker . . .

(From 3.5's MM IV -- But I got this image out of the actual Module. Need to figure out how to make the "blank space" of this picture smaller)

The Cleric of Kord managed to Turn the Huecuva -- which now stands in a corner being pummeled by a silver axe -- but lacked the 'oomph' to Turn the Plague Walker as well, which -- in its turn -- is pummeling the Adventurers.

We'll see how it turns out.

A new Player has taken over the Whisper Gnome -- Flipplestick -- and I've allowed him to make some minor changes accordingly. Flip now has the Identify spell -- you will recall that the Group has two (2) Spell Casters, neither of which could cast Identify (go figure) -- and I granted him three Pearls, one hundred gold pieces (100gp) in value. Maybe now they'll be able to Identify at least a couple of the items they have and get themselves some much needed help.

Like their unidentified Wand of Magic Missiles.

Like I said, I'll keep you posted on developments. Meanwhile, time to post about some other things. I've "dawdled" long enough.


  1. I quite like the idea of turned undead avoiding the cleric, unable to engage in those standing behind him but able to attack anyone else in range. They fear the power of the Holy symbol and the faith of it's wielder. His companions are fair game however.

    1. My feelings as well, but I try to introduce only a few "House Rules" at a time and this is their first encounter with this particular situation. In previous encounters the Undead were relatively low level and were destroyed.

      The Cleric of Kord has Turned the Plague Walker -- since I posted this. I'd also like to think that the Huecuva is not longer Turned . . . because the Cleric turned his attention to something else and broke his Concentration.

      But they might think I'm being too mean! LOL

  2. Stopped in to say Happy Christmas and an Oogie Boogie New Year, to you Mystic.

    1. Right back at you . . . Wonder Lady! :D

    2. Been a week since your last post. What's up with that?

    3. This is an Role Play Online game, Wisk. It doesn't move very fast.

      I do need to blog about other things though, so I guess I best get to it!

      Crack that whip lady! LOL