Wednesday, 10 July 2013

3.5 Feats & Other Things

Do I need to mention that there are too many of them? Didn't think so.

I remember when just being a 1st level Character made you . . . "special." No more. Now we need an overabundance of Feats to make "us" even more "special."

Monsters are given Feats randomly, just had discussions about that in my RPoL game. "These guys don't even qualify for these Feats!" Dear Lord, somebody told you Life was . . . fair? Haven't really been living on your own yet, have you? ROFL

Life is never fair. Life is a Bitch . . . then it has puppies. I know, some of you thought that Life was a Bitch and then you died. No, trust me, the Bitch we call Life is definitely going to have a litter of puppies along the way. Believe that, you will experience the "puppies" before you go!

Anyway, there are just too many Feats in this Edition of the game for me. Add to that the fact that now players can be "Outsiders" and have "Estimated Character Levels." What kind of nonsense is that? What's your effective Character level? Then you cannot cast Fireball! If that isn't the biggest waste of time I've ever heard of. Nonsense.

One NPC found in the books is a 12th level Wizard 4th level Thief and 3rd level Fighter, or something like that. I remember the Wizard part because they said this guy was a Lich. Really? He's only a 12th level Wizard, so how did he ever cast the 9th level spell required to become a Lich? B.S. in the extreme.

Edition 3.5 has gotten things so jacked up with unlimited Feats and ECLs that the people who play this Edition think they can do anything, including becoming a Lich as a 12th level Wizard! The people who write this stuff can't even keep things straight amongst themselves! A 12th level Lich . . . B.S.!

Anyway, I can see these "short" posts becoming more populous as I continue to learn more about 3.5. No wonder Maldin and I have never abandoned 2nd Edition! Although, I will admit that I'm beginning to like d20 a little more than I like THAC0.

But don't tell anybody that! Sssh!


  1. Mystic,

    I understand your take on the feat system. I do like them but not all of them. Regional, racial, and class feats are cool. Though some feats really boggle the mind. Effective level is one thing. Though interpreting effective level as actual level is another thing entirely. A 12th level wizard cannot cast 9th level magic. However, in 3,5 their is an elixir one can get that has a chance of turning them into a lich. Though it could also kill them.

    I guess it depends on your take. Though I would rule that that character is a lesser lich and does not have a phylactery.


  2. I have a character in my RPoL game that is an Elemental Gnome, 1st level, ECL 3rd. He can already cast a Lesser Globe of Electricity that can do 3d6 worth of damage, winding down for 7 rounds. that makes him already more powerful than a 5th level character.

    Too much B.S. in 3.5. I now understand why 3.5 is the only Edition with four thousand, three hundred, fifty-six "Core Books."

    Total B.S.

    Yes, it's hyperbole . . . but an apt description anyway.

  3. I agree whole heartedly that there are too many feats in 3.5, as well as too many spells.

    However, in 3.5 you only need to be an 11th level caster to become a lich. No 9th level spell needed. You many disagree with those rules, but a character made by those rules for that system is not incorrect.

    Otherwise, I can call BS on your game because you are using anything but a d6 for hit points and weapon damage, and you are obviously a munchkin for letting clerics have spells at first level.

    I cannot find this Lesser Globe of electricity spell anywhere, but it sounds overpowered for a first level spell.

  4. I feel the same way about the Lesser Globe of Electricity. It's what he's calling it. It's from Complete Arcane, page 116; Orb of Electricity, Lesser.

    As for the Lich "thing," that's just another reason for me not to like 3.5. Thanks!

    And I do my Clerics and Paladins differently than you and most others. 9th level spell? Says who? Where do "you" get off thinking that "you" can bring someone back from the dead? You can't.

    With spells like those, "you" are asking your God for a "favor." It's up to "your" God as to whether or not it happens. In my game, "you" can ask "your" God for that favor at any level. He just might do it. I treat Clerical spell loosely.

    A Mage manipulates energy, a Cleric doesn't. A Mage can create Undead, non-living creatures. he can't really bring anyone back from the dead. Why would "you" think a Cleric could? A Cleric prays and asks his God for a favor. It's a totally different thing and I treat it differently.

    In my game, all Clerics and Paladins are "Lawful." Why? Because they are both sworn to "uphold/obey" the laws of their God, not the laws of a man. Breaking "King Ralph's" law doesn't make them unlawful. Only breaking their God's law can do that.

    I play Cleric's and Paladins very differently than do others.

    Thanks for reading!