Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Role Playing on Line

Yes, I have discovered the web site "Role Playing on Line." I joined a game as a player, alas, it only lasted a couple of weeks, and then the DM/GM embarked upon a move to the West Coast, bringing the game to an abrupt halt.

I then investigated several other games, but they were all using various gaming systems with which I was unfamiliar and possessed no desire to learn them Add to that the fact that some of them were in Game Worlds which held no attraction for me, or they involved a Modern Setting, which is a complete turn off for me. During this search, however, I learned that players come and go. I remembered this when I started my own game. I "advertised" it only as a "Greyhawk Game."

 I had 11 players within 36 hours. LOL

Yes, several told me that it had been "too many years" since they had had their "Greyhawk fix." Ahh, gratification! I allowed 11 players because I knew some would quit. Ha! Was I wrong about that! I allowed them all to Role Play together at "the Inn" and on the journey to their destination. Once there, however, I split the groups and acted as though they never knew each other. In fact, they do not exist in each other's "world."

I separated them according to the frequency of their posts; a "fast" game and a "slow" game. Yikes! They have been moving along at the same pace ever since! Let me tell you, I am busy. From morning until night, from East Coast to West Coast, I have post coming in – and I respond as frequently as I need to. Whenever something is posted to which the DM should properly respond, I am "there." A couple of them – whose only gaming is via RPOL – have told me I'm running their "favorite game," they're playing in several. And here I am, a "newbie" to RPOL.

Busy with this though I am, I'm now considering running a second game. A couple of my current players want to join in that one as well; another Greyhawk Game. I'm using a module, "Barrow of the Forgotten King." I thought I'd use a module to "lighten my load" while learning the computer necessaries for running a game on RPOL. Heck I have since discovered Photobucket and using html to transfer images. I keep up-to-date grid maps of my players' moves posted to The Game thread. I'm having a ball!

Of course, there are problems. Sometimes the players don't really pay attention to what's been written/said. "I move to square "x" and cast healing on Fred." "Uh, Bill? Fred moved to square "q," he's not 'there' any more. You wasted your Healing spell." This, of course, makes me "unfair," at times. Somehow it's my fault and I should let them retain their spell.

I don't. Pay attention to what's going on in the game! Stop your "speed reading!"

Oh, well, it's still a blast. Perhaps I should post some of the game to Canonfire! I'll think about it. Heck, these two Groups – playing the same game – almost made me forget about my blog! Can't let that happen! Busy that I am, I'll need to get back to this and keep you guys abreast. If nothing else, boy, am I learning 3.5!

Ah, the joy of . . . "Spring Attack!" My new "favorite" Feat. All melee fighters should have it! The Varag of Monster Manula IV use it. They are the V1 and V2 seen on the map. Of course, given the fact that they have a "speed" of 60 feet, it works really good for them. Mwahahahahahahahaha!

Until my next break!


  1. Good lord, that's a lot of players! Well it's good to see so much Greyhawk activity and that you're managing well.

  2. Thanks, Mort! The really gratifying part is the fact that they each tell me it was the "Greyhawk" aspect that attracted them! Yes, I was lucky enough to find 11 people who wanted to play Greyhawk. It's great!

  3. Mystic,

    Glad to see your running a successful campaign. I think the real pull of the game for your players is the attention to detail you have in describing your campaign. So this play by post is not limited to a specific day? Because, I would love to join a campaign. The bonus would be joining a campaign run by one of my friends. You got my email, help a fellow hawker out.



  4. I run my RPoL game 7 days a week. I like for my guys to post at least once a day. Several of them post several times a day. I'm running two groups through the same Module because of this. A "fast" game and a "slow" game.

    Which do you think you'd like to join?

  5. Mystic,

    I'm willing to play in either of your games. Where ever you think another player would be an easy fit. Also, let me know what class and or race you think the group could use. I have no preference for a specific class. I can adapt the character to gel with the group.