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Barrow of the Forgotten King

My friend Tiggertom – Canonfire! – pointed out to me that Anna, Lady of Geography, has placed Kingsholm – from the module, "Barrow of the Forgotten King" – in the Good Hills of County Flen, of the Kingdom of Keoland.

He pointed this out because he's playing in my RPoL "Barrow of the Forgotten King" game. I believe I knew that Anna had done that, but chose to place my version in the Old Hills of the County Palatine of Ulek. I did this, because I believe that it better fits the story.

Ian Trubrand insists that someone from his family has run the Cabbage & Coronet Inn for more than 300 years.

The graveyard has existed for centuries and the townsfolk are convinced that it predates the town of Kingsholm. A mile north of the town, upon a high hill, stands an ancient statue of a King. No one knows who he was, or why the statue was erected. This implies that this King was "forgotten" before Ian's family ever started the Inn.


Sometime around the year -323 CY, Immris of the Suloise house of Rhola founded the city of Jurnre; which is the County's capital to this day. Sometime in the century of -245 to -145 CY, the early rulers of Ulek fought the Goblin War, forcing the Goblins and Orcs back into the Lortmil Mountains. – County of Ulek

The Goblin War took place some 700 years ago. Perfect!

According to the back-story of the "Forgotten King," a young warrior named Theron snuck into the camp of a half-Orc chieftain named Kroack and stole the sword Merthuvial, which had been taken from its original owner, an unnamed Dwarven King.

Kroack had united the nearby Orc, Goblin and Hobgoblin clans into an army and they were laying waste to everything around. He nearly succeeded, so that only one fortified village remained in the territory. And here enters the hero – Theron.

Theron and his friends rallied the villagers and – though outnumbered four to one – drove the humanoids from the valley! Knowing that the fight wasn't over, Theron arranged defensive agreements with the other remaining settlements and he soon found himself at the center of a vast alliance.

Naturally, when all was said and done, they hailed Theron as their King and he ruled with the sword Merthuvial in his hand. Until he was betrayed, of course; One of Theron's oldest companions grew jealous, made a pact with the humanoids and dwellers of the Underdark. The "Betrayer" killed Theron in a final duel, but was himself captured by the people, executed and forced to guard the King's tomb and sword . . . forever.

Nothing like this took place in the Good Hills, certainly not in the time frame given. With all due respect for my beloved Anna – who has been a friend and advisor for years – for me, the town of Kingsholm and the story of Theron – the "Forgotten King" – fit perfectly into the history of the Ulek States . . . and I've chosen the County.

Can anyone reading this think of a better fit for Kingsholm and the story of Theron? If you do/can, I'd like to hear it!

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