Saturday, 19 October 2013

Greyhawk Street Map

Well, it was like trying to pull teeth . . . but it finally happened! Woo-hoo!

 Maldin (Denis Tetreault) finally put his Street Map for the City of Greyhawk up on his site, Maldin's Greyhawk. The map is downloadable. I have a large print out of it -- 2.5' x 3.5' -- hanging on the wall of the room my group games in. You can find and download the map from here.

You can find the beginning of a discussion about the map -- and compliments for it -- at Canonfire!, which can be linked here.

As Maldin explains, every source was searched, including Gary Gygax's Gord novels. One or two of the street names were invented by Maldin for his home campaign, but all others are straight from "Canon" sources. I should know, since I pitched in searching for the street names -- and beating Maldin with the occasional whip! I swear, sometimes, he's even lazier than I am . . . and I didn't think that was possible!

(I cannot seem to work my web page from my computer -- for some, as yet, unknown reason -- and am, therefore, dependent upon Maldin to get my stories uploaded to it. Now that's pulling teeth, let me tell you! He hosts my web page, you see. Well, he's finally got more stories uploaded! Woo-hoo! My stories can be found here.)

At any rate, you've been waiting for it and now . . . it's here! Ready to be enjoyed by all the fans of Greyhawk. So . . .

Get to enjoying!

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