Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Midwinter's Night

Well, another Needfest is upon us and Midwinter Night is here.

Me? I'll be relaxing, running RPoL games and dodging cats. Yep, still have 17 of them in this house and with Pork roast today and Turkey tomorrow, they do prove themselves a dangerous gauntlet. Yeah, kobolds have nothing on these guys, trust me: Cat Swarm CR 10.

I've been thinking which Greyhawk God best portrays the Needfest "feeling" – given we associate the holiday with the Real World's Christmas. Oldimara easily comes to mind as the God of Music, Revels and Wine. Of course, he also has his own "special" celebration at this time, the "Feast of the Doubling Dare."

 The Suel goddess Lydia is also a Patron of Music, not to mention Daylight, and who doesn't want more "daylight" during this overcast season?

The Gods of Winter are not portrayed as "nice guys," so I wouldn't include them, they like bringing misery to people!

Berei, goddess of Home and Family also comes to mind, as this is a time to be with loved ones.

Berna, goddess of Passion and Forgiveness also seems to fit, which goes hand in hand with Zodal, god of Mercy, Hope and Benevolence.

Rudd, goddess of Chance and Luck seems to be the best "fit" for the "Feast of Fools."

 No, no one god of Greyhawk seems to fit the Real World season perfectly, so I suppose we have to tip our hat to all of them at once.

Best wishes to you and yours this year!


  1. Have a great holiday and arm yourself with some catnip to give yourself a fighting chance!

    1. Tried that last year . . . the Turkey won out! ROFL

  2. Merry Needfest! Good post my friend!

    1. Thank you, my friend and right back at you!

      You and Tim -- among others -- should look for your names in my next post!