Saturday, 25 January 2014

Peeking into The Manor, issue #2

Sleazy, greasy Hugo. I mean, you have to wonder at your own sanity if you're thinking about buying Healing Potions from this guy. Still, if he's the only game in town, what do you do? I mean, it's not like you were in the great metropolis, you know?

Yes, Tim Shorts -- of Gothridge Manor -- scored another hit! Hugo is definitely a character every campaign needs. I've never been one for “adventuring” ten feet outside the gates of a large city. My adventures take place in lonely, out of the way places and a town with a population of 500 is “big” out there.

Yes, just the size town where “Hugo's Potion Shop” can be found. A town where a Cleric might be hard to find, they'e not everywhere you know! And even if there is one, Hugo's prices are hard to beat for down-on-their-luck Adventurers; shopping there might be their only option.
It's only natural that Hugo should surround himself – that is, fill his shop – with the most unsavory people in town . . . or anywhere else, for that matter. Are you really going to drink of a potion created by an Alchemist goblin? Yes, goblin, not gnome.

A floor plan of the business accompanies the article, along with a well written description. The potential DM is even supplied with a random d20 table of customers who might be in the shop when the adventurers visit and seven adventure hooks to get something going. Absolutely great stuff!
“The Smuggler's Inn” is located in the same area, at least, in my game it is! Trust me, Hugo knows where this place is! These two just go hand in hand, although Tim allows for you to place it in a separate setting. Of course this place is really a cave. Tim borrows from several old tales with this one, such as Robber's Cave, but what's wrong with that? I like it! Naturally the place is run by a disquised Night Hag . . . Mwahahahahahaha!
Smuggler's Inn is located up a canyon and across Ten Killer Lake . . . swimming is not recommended! Of course there 's a map, Tim wouldn't leave us hanging without a map! We even have Charon! Okay, so he's not really Charon, but he is a blind ferryman and he's in the "employ" of the Hag! There's a trail that continues past the Inn and leads “down into darkness.” Entrance to the Underdark? That's for you to decide.
A whole boat load of magic items rest on the bottom of the lake . . . you just need to figure out how to get past “Lord John.” Lord John? Nope, I'm not going to give away everything! You need to read it. Of course Tim gives us a short list of prepared magic items, but encourages us to make our own. Oh! And remember, Tim's economy is based upon Silver, not Gold; so the value of everything breaks down into Silver Pieces.

There's a hidden room at the Inn, where the Night Hag keeps her “offerings” for her demonic “Lord.” And she's no pushover, so Adventurers beware! Tim gives a random treasure list for this one too.
All in all, two great little inserts for any game. Yes, Tim Shorts doesn't fail to satisfy. I've thoroughly enjoyed both issues in this series.
Can't wait to see what he's got in Manor #3!


  1. Thanks you for the review. Glad you liked Hugo and company.

    1. You are more than welcome!

      I write stories, myself -- that's what my web page is for -- but I intend on trying my hand at a mini-module. I'll have to show it to you when I'm done. I'd value your opinion of it.