Monday, 17 February 2014

They Come, They Go

Well, I had six new Players join my RPoL Games. Woo-hoo!

Only . . . not!

Three of them got their Characters created -- breaking most of my House Rules in the process -- then posted six times. They got angry when I started making them change things and "poof" . . . they're gone.

I find it fascinating that these people claim to have finished High School -- even gone to college -- read my House Rules and then still not follow them. I think it's a simple matter of "screw the DM." Only it's not working for them.

Anyway, I've been busy with all of that. Had a couple I had to help with their Sheets; they're new to Greyhawk. Yep, doing my best to "win fans" for my favorite Gaming World!

Need to get onto to Gygax Magazine, Issue #3 . . . then I can get on to The Manor #3! Woo-hoo! Can't wait to see what Tim Shorts put together for us in that one!

Well, I'm fixing to crash. I'll see what I can get done for tomorrow.



  1. Sorry to hear your game fell apart. Sucks when you put work in ahead of time and then before you get started they decide to blow it up.

    I hope you find #3 to your liking. And did I never send you #4?

    1. Well, it didn't "blow up," so much, but I do have to consolidate. I have several good Players and they're taking up the slack. We're having fun.

      Sorry, no, never did get Issue #4. Fortunately . . . there's still time. Mwahahahahahaha!

  2. Just 'cause they can read, doesn't mean that they do, unfortunately.

    1. I think you're tight, Trey. Either that, or they think that "you" won't pay attention and they can get away with it.

      Periodically, I add a new 3.5 book to my "Approved" list (yep, got one up), but there's just too many for 3.5 to try to learn all at once. I didn't "grow up" with 3.5, so I'm playing "catch up."

      I'm gettin' thar!