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Horror's Cast of Characters

Well, it's time to get started posting about my Horror on the Hill game. As I said, it's based loosely upon both the Module (B5) and upon Gary Holain's article The Kingdom of Keoland, from the Living Greyhawk Journal, issue #1.
Note: Very few of the Players haunting Role Playon Line are interested in starting with 1st level Characters, so I have gotten into the habit of allowing everyone to start at 2nd level; that's where the Character's currently are. Also, one of the Player's quit soon after the game started and a second quit later. I am currently NPC-ing two "former" PCs. They will soon serve as Cannon fodder.

The Player Characters:

Arya Snow - female half-elven Ranger, age 32, 5'4" tall, 135 lbs., white hair with black streaks, green eyes, left handed. Born in the County, she joined the guard, but quickly learned her skills were put to better use patrolling the County's wild places. She now patrols the wilds alone, slaying evil humanoids her favorite past-time.
Duran Lazerde - male human Paladin of Heironeous, age 20, 6'4" tall, 220 lbs., blonde hair and blue eyes, left handed. Born the second son of Duke Lazerde, Knight of Barovia and ruler of the fortified stronghold of Broque. He is on a Quest to spread the "light of Heironeous" to unbelievers. The polyglot of people gathered in Flen -- in an effort to cleanse the Earldom -- has drawn him here.
Quntius - male human Kineticist, age unknown, 6'2" tall, 195 lbs., black hair and beard, grey eyes. Born to a prostitute in Estgant, he was abandoned upon the steps of the Church of St. Cuthbert. His talents were quickly recognized and he was trained by the Order of the Sanctified Mind. He strives to use his psionic abilities for the betterment of mankind.
Rowan Nigel - female wood gnome Druid, age unknown, 2'4" tall, 30 lbs., black hair, blue eyes. Her family lived amidst the Grey Elves of the Vesve forest, north of the Deepstill River. Trained as a Druid by her mother and taught Alchemy by her father, Rowan served her community well. Then, ten months ago, a horde of Abyssal bats -- led by lesser Demons -- invaded her home, as part of the on-going fight with Iuz. Rowan's mother was slain by an Ogre named Iron Jaw. While her father and brothers rebuild their lives in the Vesve, Rowan pursues Iron Jaw, whom rumor says is heading south. It's been sometime since she's had word of the Ogre's movements.

The non-Player Characters:

Tarn - male human Rogue, age 21, 5'9" tall, 168 lbs., blonde hair, and blue eyes, right handed. Tarn is the second son of the Head of the Thieves' Guild of Niole Dra. Finding his son in gambling trouble -- again -- Tarn was sent on a mission; to contact each of the Guild Houses within Keoland. Silver tokens were given to Tarn, identifying him as a trusted member of the Guild. Tarn has long since gambled the tokens away and cannot return to the Guild. He's travelled west in search of his own Destiny . . . and to avoid the wrath of the Guild. (former PC)
Fiolas - male human Fighter, age 26, 6' tall, 195 lbs., brown hair and hazel eyes, right handed. Fiolas was born and raised in the city of Niole Dra. He grew up learning to use the sword and soon moved to the city of Flen, where swords were much needed. He served as a member of the Guard, a job he enjoyed, but within a few years he found himself chosen to serve as the County's next Executioner. Quickly losing interest in such grisly work -- and having served out his enlistment -- Fiolas now seeks to make his own way in the world. (former PC)
Worquin - male human Cleric, age 24, 5'11" tall, 190 lbs., close cropped sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, right handed. A cleric of Trithereon, Worquin came north from Longspear -- in The Yeomanry -- when he learned of the razing of Kilm. It is his desire to bring "Justice" to those who would perpetrate such evil upon the innocent . . . though "Retribution" is closer to what the Cleric and his God actually have in mind.
Pharles Brightblade - male human Fighter, age 30, 5'10" tall, 185 lbs., brown hair and blue eyes, right handed. Pharles is a Captain in the County's army and is second in command of the fortress of Godakin Keep.  He knew Duran Lazerde some years back, when the younger man was training to serve Heironeous. His mission is to protect the territory around Godakin Keep, but given the relationship with Duran, he will allow the heroes to use the Keep as their base of operations.

Godakin Keep
The Game opens with each of the Characters living in, or around, the city of Flen, capital of the County Flen, Kingdom of Keoland. Though not habitual "drinking buddies," they have shared a tankard, or two, and are thus known to each other. Our story opens with the friends sharing ale and discussing a new rumor.
A couple of months back, the hobniz village of Kilm was razed by humanoids from the Jotens, across the Javan River. Lord Garson Elgarin, son of the Countess, Lady Allita Elgarin, and Heir to the title, led a group of men to investigate. Two weeks ago, they crossed the Javan and entered the Jotens and then . . . they disappeared; all one hundred of them. Well, that's the "rumor," anyway. Our heroes believe they can succeed where the Lord and his one hundred failed.
Due to the constant raiding from across the Javan River, the County's armed patrols are spread pretty thin and having one hundred men suddenly disappear hasn't helped matters. So to ease the burden -- somewhat -- supplies to the Keep are now shipped by barge, due to the fort's nearness to the river.

Gary Holian's vision

FYI - I changed the first picture for Godakin Keep after speaking with Gary Holian. Some of you will recognize this as the picture for Keep on the Borderlands, but this is more inline with Gary's vision, so I'll start using it. The second picture shows the aerial view of the Keep as it sits on the Javan River.

The Keep averages a garrison of 500 men, but can hold nearly 2000, when necessary. The surrounding village has a population of approximately 750.



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