Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Horror on the Hill, Module B5

I have begun running Module B5, "Horror on the Hill," as one of my Role Play on Line games. I have made modifications to it, as I said I would back in my October post. I'm using Mr. Gary Holian's article "The Kingdom of Keoland" in the Living Greyhawk Journal, Issue #1, page 8, as the story's background.
In that article, Mr. Holian presents a situation similar to that of the Module, set in the County of Flen. The hobniz village of Kilm – located within the county – has been razed by humanoids from across the Javan river. The Module B5 places a village on the other side of the river from "the Hill." Kilm is just on the other side of the Javan river from the Jotens mountain range.
Rather than use the razed village as a base of operations, my party is using Godakin's Keep, a fort located some thirty miles to the northwest of Kilm. Interestingly, the Module has the party use Guido's Fort as their base of operations. The parallels are apt and fit quite well with the Flanaess location I have chosen for the setting.
Both the village of Kilm and Godakin's Keep are clearly marked on Paizo's four poster map of the Flanaess. It's map #2 from Dungeon Magazine #119, the southwest Flanaess.
For those of you more familiar with the World of Greyhawk – and the web site Canonfire! in particular – you can find the locations on that most excellent source of Greyhawk maps, GHMaps, by Anna Meyer . . . Greyhawk Goddess of Geography. Let me also take this time to say that more Greyhawk "goodness" can be found at Canonfire!'s associate blog, The Canonfire Crier.
Following in the traditions of others in the blogosphere, I'm going to start posting the Game's progress here on my blog. Given the comings and goings of RPoL players – which I've discussed before – I can only hope that this game will play out until the end.
So, I'm going to get started putting the game into "writing" and getting it posted here. I do warn you beforehand, however, RPoL is much like Play by Post . . . and sometimes the posting is slow. More's the ptiy.

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