Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Another 'Zine

My friend, Christian, of Destination Unknown fame, started a new one page Zine some months back, which I seem to have missed the beginning of. I need to make up for that and so I'm shamelessly giving him a plug.

Christian also created a new blog called The Tolling of the Great BlackBell, where he post short video vignettes about the zine. He's on a Planescape kick at the moment, though he also does other things; like Baldur's Gate.

He's also got a mad composer running around the streets of Seattle at present, loosing demon summoning music upon unsuspecting musicians . . . bastard. The poor souls are lost forever . . . maybe.

Christian's a good guy with a love for the game, so give his new blog a quick look, won't you? Thanks guys!


  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! If you send me a message with your mailing address to christian.writes.zines at Gmail I can get you all caught up. :)

  2. Ha! You just want to see a story featuring one of your mini-modules! You ham! LOL