Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Occasionally I get critiqued for my improper use of Capitalization.

First, let me say thank you to everyone who does so, it really is nice to know that you're paying that much attention to my stories. However, you should know that I am aware of this point, but . . . I do it for a reason.

As with this last installment of "The Salt Pit," there are, at times, long periods between my posts. I capitalize words like "Fighter" and "Dwarf" specifically to remind my readers of the Character Class of each character, as well as their particular race. The length of time between the posting of parts five and six is also the reason I made sure to include the illustrations of each character as well. I am aware that, in a few months, this post will be forgotten and people will begin pointing out this "error" once more. I really don't mind. I just wanted to get this out there.

"The Salt Pit" is a suggested adventure from my friend Tim Shorts, of Gothridge Manor, taken from the first issue of his e-zine "The Manor." Our intrepid heroes will continue their journeys in the adventure laid out in "The Manor" #2. Hey, credit where credit is due. I started this story for Tim and his lovely wife, Ivy, who has her own blog; The Happy Whisk. The woman likes to cook, what can I say?

The mention of the city of "Bethmoora" is a nod to my good friend, Sergeant First Class Matt Jackson -- thanks ever so much for your service Matt! -- whose blog can be found here. Matt has started his own gaming world called "Ecalpon" and Bethmoora is a major city of that world. Hope I'm not giving too much away, but again . . . credit where credit is due. 

I do have my own world, in which I write and game, and I also enjoy writing stories for the World of Greyhawk, the world that introduced me to gaming. These stories are presently posted elsewhere and are being saved on my webpage, found here, for those who are interested. The page is hosted by my friend Denis Tetreault, the creator of the city of Melkot, for the World of Greyhawk. His webpage is "Maldin's Greyhawk," where Denis floats some interesting ideas. 

One day, perhaps with the onset of better vision, I'll get around to finishing my novel. We'll see. I have been suffering from some blurry vision, thanks to my diabetes, and have been receiving injections into my eyeball, so my reading and writing have been "hit and miss" lately. I apologize for that.

The blurry is still there, but the eyesight is getting better, so I'll try and get back to it.

Thanks for sticking around, your patience is always appreciated.

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